Our Product

The problems that we tackle

Among all the problems that our modern metropolis encounters, we are interested in two main ones:

  • Waste management
  • Access to parking

For the first one, the main problem is the inefficiency of the garbage collection system, with their fixed collection route, not optimized and not taking into account the dynamic needs of the population. Because the amount of waste per inhabitant is variable. Which leads to a bad resource exploitation with trucks that returns half full on certain days, while certain period the number of resource is no longer sufficient to ensure optimal service and have ended up with filled dumpsters waiting for their pickup .

The second problem represents one of the main inconvenience of the motorist in the cities, which of us did not spend several minutes in search of a place of parking. Turning around in the hope of finding any space. Unintentional participant in the increase of the vehicles in circulation and by the same to the atmospheric pollution of our cities.